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Cement Board Stucco Systems

Cement Board Stucco Systems are cost-effective, impact resistant systems designed to give you the stucco look your customers appreciate, in a faster application. They combine the strength and durability of Cement Board with the proven performance of Sto’s base coats and textured finishes.

StoQuik® Silver Cement Board Stucco Systems

High impact, moisture resistant exterior wall finish system incorporating a cement board substrate, air and moisture barrier, continuous insulation, reinforced base coat and a polymer based finish.

StoQuik® Silver Systems combine the strength of cement board, and the protection of Sto – without the complicated installation, labour steps and moisture exposure of traditional stucco. They integrate the moisture protection of an air and moisture barrier, draining and drying of a drainage mat, the impact resistance of a cement board substrate, and the versatile performance and design options of Sto’s textured finishes.

Our Featured Systems
StoQuik Silver DrainScreen

StoQuik Silver DrainScreen

High impact resistant exterior finish system backed with a continuous air and moisture barrier and drainage cavity.

StoQuik Silver PQ

StoQuik Silver PQ

High impact resistant exterior finish system backed with exterior insulation, and a continuous air and a moisture barrier.



Sharper aesthetics and reduced labor costs can be achieved with Sto accessories.


Air & Moisture Barrier

A seamless, fluid-applied barrier that improves energy efficiency and resists moisture intrusion.

Drainage Mat
& Cavity

An advanced cavity wall component that promotes drainage and drying.


A lightweight high impact moisture resistant substrate.


Integrally colored decorative and protective finish.


Textured Finish

Cement Board

Drainage Cavity

Air & Moisture


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Air & Moisture Barrier

Protects the wall from moisture intrusion minimizing risk of water damage and associated repair costs.

High Impact Resistance

Provides exceptional impact resistance over traditional stucco with less cracking.

High R-Value*

Continuous Insulation with high R-value provides significant energy cost savings.

Easy Installation

No raw materials, such as sand, to mix onsite. Easier positioning in elevated areas.

Less Joint Management

Easier installation with less stringent joint requirements as compared to typical field-mixed stucco.

Premium Finishes & Coatings

Sto high performance finishes and coatings provide superior weatherability and resistance to UV fading, mold and mildew.

*StoQuik® Silver PQ

StoQuik® Silver DrainScreen

Durable cement board stucco system with advanced cavity wall design.

StoQuik® Silver DrainScreen is a high-impact and weather resistant cement board stucco system which provides excellent moisture protection for exterior vertical above grade walls in residential, low-rise commercial and institutional construction. It combines the strength of cement board substrate with the advanced protection of Sto components: StoGuard® air and moisture barrier, Sto DrainScreen drainage mat, StoGuard® Mesh reinforced base coat and Sto textured finishes.

Sto DrainScreen is a fibrous resin drainage mat that is placed between the cladding and the StoGuard® seamless air and moisture barrier system. Should water ever reach the back of the cladding, it can drain from the wall assembly via the drainage mat, which also helps speed the drying of moisture-laden air (water vapour) that can accumulate in the wall assembly.


Advanced cavity wall design for water management.

Cement board substrate for high impact resistance.

Mesh reinforced base coat for crack resistance.

Use with a variety of Sto premium standard & specialty finishes

Explore our vast catalog of available colours. Visit StoColor 


System Bulletin
SPEC CA 1100 - DOC
SPEC CA 1100 - PDF

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StoQuik® Silver PQ

Exterior insulation system for heat, air, and moisture control with exterior finish.

StoQuik® Silver PQ is a decorative and protective rainscreen wall assembly with exterior insulation for superior moisture protection and thermal comfort. Sto’s high performance finishes applied over cement board provide handsome aesthetics and a durable exterior skin.


Rainscreen cavity wall design for moisture management.

Cement board substrate for high impact resistance.

Mesh reinforced base coat for crack resistance.

Use with a variety of Sto premium standard & specialty finishes

Explore our vast catalog of available colours. Visit StoColor 


System Bulletin

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StoQuik® Silver Accessories

  • Corner Bead
  • Drip Edge Profile

Sto Mesh Corner Bead Standard

Sto Mesh Corner Bead Standard provides a solution to create true and straight corners which are resistant to chipping and cracking in StoQuik® Silver wall systems.

The Sto accessory is made of an angled strip of mesh (90° angle) reinforced with a plastic rail, providing a cost-effective and easy-to-apply alternative to the process of wrapping building corners with mesh reinforcement layers.

Sto Mesh Corner Bead Standard is compatible with all Sto basecoat products and provides strength and protection against everyday knocks, enhancing the long-term durability of the façade.


Product Bulletin

Sto Drip Edge Profile

Sto Drip Edge Profile is a PVC accessory with integral reinforcing mesh that creates a drip edge and plaster return in StoQuik® Silver wall systems. Its intent is to control the direction of dripping water and help protect the building enclosure from moisture intrusion in vulnerable areas such as fascia returns, balcony undersides and other projecting building elements.

Sto Drip Edge Profile is easy to apply. The accessory also provides additional crack resistance with its integral mesh reinforcement and helps achieve straighter, cleaner lines at plaster returns.


Product Bulletin

Air & Moisture Barriers

Explore our StoGuard® family of Air & Moisture Barriers.

Standard Finishes

Browse our vast collection of finishes used on our Cement Board Systems


Explore our line of premium high performance coatings.

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