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Keeping a Commitment to Building with Conscience.

At Sto, we pride ourselves on Building with Conscience. We define sustainability as the point at which the needs of social, environmental and economic factors intersect for a mutually beneficial outcome. Sto is committed to this principle and continues to strive for sustainable manufacturing and products.


Our company believes in and encourages sustainability, safety, continuous innovation, and health and wellness, alongside offering building products and services that people can depend on for superior performance. These core values guide us in making smart choices in the office and on-site, and they’re reflected in everything we do and build.

As building science experts, our innovations enhance building curb appeal, extend building life and advance interior comfort—all with the goal of helping to build a better world. That’s also evident in our reduced consumption of fossil fuels, which cut heating and cooling costs, thereby improving the planet.

The proof is in the numbers: By 2015, around 80 billion liters of heating oil was saved by Sto systems that were installed worldwide from 1965 onward. The resulting reduction in carbon dioxide emissions totaled 247 million tons.


Square Meters of Insulated Facade Worldwide


Tons of Reduced Carbon Dioxide Emissions (since 1965)


Liters of Heating Oil Saved by Sto Systems (since 1965)


Environmentally Responsible Production

We are pursuing a sustainable approach for production too, and already have a comprehensive environmental management system in place. Our key locations are certified in accordance with the international EN ISO 14001 standard. And our environmental management system ensures that methodical, verifiable procedures are carried out on a cross-company basis, an essential factor in maintaining good practices.

We also continuously push to improve the efficiency of our corporate processes, implementing appropriate measures to cut down on the use of resources in all areas. Internal monitoring systems show that in recent years, we’ve managed to keep electricity, heating and water consumption steady despite significant growth in production.


Putting Our People and Communities First

Sustainability initiatives are just one way Sto shows its dedication to improving the world. We also have a long-standing commitment to social issues, as well. The various companies in the Sto Group showcase their commitment to a wide range of social causes by making donations of time and money toward eldercare, training institutes, homeless centers, youth clubs and nature conservation projects.

We also provide employees with volunteer opportunities, health and wellness programs, and with our thorough safety measures, maintain outstanding safety records at out facilities. Putting our people first ensures the highest quality of work life for our employees possible and strengthens our relationships with the communities that surround us.

– Examples of our Environmental Commitments Include –

ISO 14001 Certified Environmental Management System

U.N. Global Compact Voluntary Business Initiative


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